Baby Steps Towards Online Marketing

mobile-marketing-solution-e1434034576203Carving a niche of your own in the digital market is the aim of every entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs do not have access to huge budgets as their large-scale competitors; this might make the goal of creating an online presence a tad bit harder. An SEO service can help you cross this barrier. There are several organizations that offer SEO service in Chennai. An experienced SEO consultant can help make your business make its presence felt on the internet, thereby attracting more potential customers. In the present world, more and more people are turning to an online search engine to find anything they are looking for in particular.

Gone are the days of asking your neighbors or your friends for the nearest dry cleaning shop or even a dental clinic. Searching online has become one of the top internet activities according to the report by Unless you have an online presence; you will lose out on a lot of potential customers. Some easy to follow tips for smaller or medium sized companies to market themselves online have been outlined below to help them get the same footing as a larger company with more resources:

Facebook Remarketing
A Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website can help continue marketing your website to customers who have visited once before. This helps to create return traffic to your website. Facebook remarketing can be carried out with even small audiences like just hundred visitors.

Facebook email custom audiences
Uploading your email contact list to Facebook can help list out the social accounts of everyone on your email list. This helps you to market your business or website to everyone, including those who use Facebook via their mobile.

Twitter Remarketing
Facebook remarketing and Twitter Remarketing work in the same way. By installing the Twitter pixel on your website, you can easily keep track of your previous website visitors and target them again. While Facebook requires only an audience of 100 to start, Twitter requires a bare minimum of an audience count of 500 before you can use this strategy.

Twitter custom audiences
Similar to using Facebook to target your email contacts, you can upload your email contact list to Twitter and target them through their mobile devices. This will not work if you are not able to bring your audience count up to at least 500 according to the rules by Twitter.

Twitter Cards
Twitter cards are larger tweets that can incorporate images in addition to having buttons built into your tweet. This enables you to make your Twitter stream more engaging as well as attracting more customers to your website. It has been proved that Twitter cards apparently get 18% more clicks compared to its counterparts.

Create a noteworthy headline
According to surveys done, it has been reported that 8 out of 10 people only read the headline of the ad, ignoring the rest of the text. This indicates that unless the headline is deemed attractive or engaging to the reader, they will not bother with reading the rest of the advertisement. Make sure that your headline is an attention grabber no matter where you have placed the ad.

Initially, online marketing will seem slow and difficult to pick up, but as time goes by and you pick up more social presence it will become easier.

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