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Welcome to Alcove Bar. Thanks for visiting our website. We are a team of wine tasting professionals passionate about sharing our knowledge. We have developed this website to help people gain knowledge about wine tasting and preserving. We have also authored numerous books about wine storing and tasting.

We have reviewed more than 10,000 wines last year as blind tastings. We review the wine we taste with brief tasting details and drink recommendations. Moreover, our team set up a stringent standard on themselves and depend on proven experience and ability for better tasting. We publish majority of reviews in our website throughout the year. We also publish actual customer reviews on our website. Most wines we taste are submitted by US importers or by the wineries. We spend thousands of dollars to purchase wines that were not submitted for tasting.

When you read our website, you can get a clear view of wine storing and tasting methods. We also add a mix of blogs to give a new feel to our website visitors. We have a team of writers and editors who keep adding fresh contents to our website. If you have any suggestions or wish to brief on any specific topic, please share your requirements by email. We will be happy to talk about interesting topics in any website. Hope you enjoy reading our blogs. Please subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates. We will be intimating you by email. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can opt out any time.