Basic Wine Storing Methods: Tips to Store Wine

Have you bought some wine and planning to drink after a day or two? How to store wine? Well, in this blog, let us look some simple wine storing tips and methods. It is well known that only a certain percentage of wine maintain its taste after long period ageing. If you want to buy wines for maturing process, then you need to invest in professional grade storage.

Keep wine cool: The number one enemy for wine is heat. If the temperate is more than 70 degree Fahrenheit, it will age the wine quickly than necessary. Moreover, the wine should not be placed in hot temperature since it has chances to get cooked. It will result to flat flavors and aromas. The best temperature to store the wine is 45 degree Fahrenheit and 65 degree Fahrenheit.

Wine StoreDo not keep it under too cold temperature: It is well and good if you are storing in your household refrigerator for two or three months but not advisable if it going to be for longer periods. Moreover, ensure you do not place the wine in a refrigerator where it would freeze. If you find the liquid changing to ice, then it has chances to expand and leave the cork out.

Switch off the light: Placing your wine in the sunlight can remain harmful and it is not advisable for long period storage. The Ultra Violet rays of the sun prematurely age and degrade the wine. The light emitted from the normal household bulbs does not damage the wine but it has chances to fade the wine label when kept for long time.

See things sideways: It is essential to check the sideways of the bottle and should be stored in the sideways. If you are planning to drink your wine in the next two to three months then it is not required to place the bottle in sideways. One of the best and special ways to safeguard your bottles is horizontal racking. It will not harm your wine in any conditions.

Where to place the bottles? If you do not have a cool or safe basement double the size of a cellar, then you can plan to enhance and place racks in a secure place. Do not place the wine in laundry room, kitchen, or boiler room. The temperature in these areas will be really hot and it can damage your wines. You need to place in a location where there is no direct sunlight.

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