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Alcoholic Beverage Made From Rose Petals

Patent Document Structure For Rose Petal Wine

Entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and others who are running a business should make sure that their products or services to be patented. There are several types of wine available in the International market. Rose petal wine is a unique beverage, and it is prepared in a specific way. Thus the inventor of rose petal wine can apply for a patent for his/her invention. The patent document should contain various explanations required to justify the uniqueness of the product.

Basic Patent Document Structure

The patent document for rose petal wine must include various descriptions. The document can be divided under various headings which explain in detail about the product for which the patent is applied.   The different headings that must be present in any patent document are mentioned below. Here – – you check out wine or alcoholic beverages patents.

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Field Of Invention

The field of the invention is mentioned under this heading. The field of invention is rose petal wine and the process of preparing the same.


Here the background details about the invention are mentioned. Generally, wines are prepared from grapefruit pulp, which is fermented for a long time. Other fruits can also be used to make wine. Rose wine is a type of wine which is prepared from the red-skinned grapes. Now the current patent is for the invention of a new type of wine called the Rose Petal wine. This wine is made by using rose petals only. Thus quality raw materials i.e., rose petals from Damascus is used. Rose petal wine is one of the exotic wines available in the market. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian consume this unique wine. It is an excellent accompaniment for light foods like soups, sandwiches, salads, etc. It can also be served with saffron, Kesar, cardamom, mango, etc. Matured rose petals are cut using sanitized scissors before or after the sun-set and are used in the process of making rose petal wine. 


The invention summary is detailed under this heading. The rose petal and the process of preparing the rose petal wine is the main object of the invention. The method of rose petal wine preparation is a step by step process, and it is mentioned below. 

  • First high quality rose flowers are picked from mature rose plants.
  • Then the petals are separated from the flower
  • The rose petals are thoroughly washed and drained
  • Now water is boiled, and sugar is added to it to prepare the sugar syrup.
  • The sugar syrup is filtered, and it is allowed to cool down
  • Now the rose petals collected are added to the sugar syrup, and the vessel is closed with a lid. This would make sure that the aroma and color of the petals do not escape out in the air.
  • The PH and acidity levels of the above mixture are adjusted. 
  • It is fermented and stirred well during the fermentation process for several times.

 Image of Floreat botanical sparkling wine.Description

In this heading, the general summary of the invention is covered. The rose petal wine is prepared from high-quality desi rose flower and not with any fruit. The quality of the rose petals decides the taste of the wine. The wine containers containing rose petal wine should be full to avoid contamination through the air. The collected rose petals are washed and added along with the sugar syrup. It is essential to close the container so that the original aroma and color of the rose petal is present in the wine. Acidity can be added and reduced based on the taste of the wine. Yeast is also added to the above mixture, and it is allowed to ferment.  The rose petals are stirred, and the petals are pushed inside the sugar syrup. This is to enhance the fermentation process. Check for the presence of any obnoxious gases in the mixture. 

Claim For Rose Petal Wine Patent

There are several claims for the rose petal wine patent. They are listed below

  1. The rose petal wine is prepared from rose flower
  2. Process of making Rose Petal wine
  • Matured roses are picked 
  • The petals are separated carefully
  • The petals are washed and drained
  • Sugar syrup is prepared and filtered to remove unwanted dust particles
  • It is allowed to cool, and the rose petals are added to it. 
  • The PH and acidity levels are adjusted
  • The mixture is allowed to ferment for many days, and it is stirred occasionally. 
  1. The rose petal wine making process as per claim 2 is of the Desi rose. 
  2. As per the claim of the rose petal, making the ration of sugar and water is 21 to brix to 25 brix. 

The above inputs would help to apply for a patent for rose petal wine. 

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