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Robotics in Vineyards

Cobots In Giant Bottles And Vineyards

The majority of vineyard owners are happy to welcome the New Year with a lot of exploration, experimentation, and continuation of trends which were enjoyed during the last year. Some of the trends in the forthcoming year are as follows:

Big bottles will remain huge

The big bottles are always high in demand. It is actually double the size of a regular bottle. In the United Kingdom, Majestic (one of the wine retailers) have reported 378 percent improvement in sales than affordable bottles. More than 200 stores have seen great demand in huge bottles. 

Use Of Cobots In The Classiest Vineyards 

The wine industry has taken several steps to replace humans in the vineyard. The unmanned cobot equipped with non-dangerous advanced artificial intelligence systems and sensors, it will help in a great way to manage vineyards. Collaborative Robots being used in vineyards for picking grape vineThe cobot will offer objective, fast and reliable details on the status of vineyards like water status, vegetative development, grape composition, and production. 

As part of the European Project- VineRobot – the partners of the project recently discussed at UPV ( Universitat Politècnica de València ). The main benefit of the project is the obtainability of the large quantity of mechanically gathered date which any user can interpret easily as it is displayed on simple maps. It would also permit the wireless program of information. Find out more about Cobots.


How Cobots Are Playing Its Important Role In Vineyards? 

Winemaking is one of the latest era’s traditional industries. However, due to climatic change as a drawback, it has threatened the future availability of wine trade in certain regions. Grape growers and winemakers have comprised the latest technologies to fight conditions which are becoming more predictable. 

Cobots equipped with AI or artificial intelligence are perceived as an important tool to tackle the conditions of fluctuating temperatures, drought, and variations in harvest times. The machines arguably accumulate and predict information better than human oenologist. It may prove to be the best weapon in the wine world against tomorrow’s climate. 

Ted- The Sail Robot

In the South of France and Bordeaux, vineyards robots can find out vine configuration patterns. Moreover, in Cognac (North), robots navigate the soil of Petite Champagne and Grand Champagne crus. 

One robot which has been dubbed like Ted was established in Toulouse, France by Naio Technologies. A team of robotics engineers- Aymeric Barthes and Gaëtan Séverac established Ted to offer answers to several advanced agricultural issues, mostly associated with labor-intensive tasks and sustainable agriculture. 

Last year, Ted was pitched by Naio to Remy Martin that executed the technology to help the farmers and increase accuracy in the vineyard. It is the first brand to establish a Ted prototype and it is not yet released or made available to the general public. 

The association permitted the age-old Cognac house to renovate their process as Naio obtains data required to improve its robotics. Every week, Ted wanders around the vineyards of Remy Martin and shares real-time information to Naio. 

Are you wondering what could an autonomous robot can perform in the vineyard? Well, Ted functions under the soil An image showing Collaborative Robots in different sizesto remove weeds beneath the vines. This work eliminates competition for the nitrogen and water supply. Laura Mornet is responsible for the development and research of viticulture.

With the restraint of plot inputs, climatic accidents and global warmings like frost and hail, the winegrower requires to intervene and respond very quickly. Robots such as Ted can assist farmers and vineyards speed up the traditional processes. 

Robotics offers solutions to human difficulties and also enhance the uniformity of functions in the field. Mornet added that he uses drones along with captors to find diseases. This way, they are able to heal the diseases with maximum precision. Moreover, the satellites assist to enhance activity visibility on the plots.  

 Such technology remains useful all over Europe and also other agricultural industries that are facing similar challenges. Several vineyards have planned to employ cobot in their harvest in the forthcoming year. They have planned to experiment with the selected zones with vines produced. 

As the world continuously transforms, the farmers are finding hard to predict. The engineers are continuing to include cobots in this field so as to keep agriculture and wine industries sustainable.

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