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Best Ways to Store and Serve Wine

Select The Best Storage and Service Methods

Depending on your intentions with various bottles of wine, your storage techniques will need to be adjusted. The fact is that if your wines are going to be served in the next few months, then imparting them; lower temperatures will be ideal. In the case of red wines, fifty-degree Fahrenheit will be best in such a situation. If you want to use them a few years later, then anything between 55-60 degrees will be suitable.

Image Showing Three Bottles of Wine Placed on a Bowl with Ice-cubes

Different Wines Demand Varied Temperatures

White wines should be stored at a lower temperature if you want their flavor to remain at its best. Experts suggest that rose wines and white wines are best when they are kept at 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The notes of fruit will not receive any adverse effects in such a case. Higher temperatures can harm them beyond expectations. The aging process gets hastened, and you won’t be able to enjoy them at their best.

Before you serve
If you want to drink your wine the following day, then you should change the position of the bottle. Keeping them upright is the best way to take things forward at this stage. The sediments will move towards the bottom. As a result, when you open the bottle, the initial sips will be devoid of all lees. It can ensure optimum flavor.

For richer wines
The significance of a high-quality decanter can never be exaggerated. You must pour your wines into a decanter about 10-12 hours before you serve. In the case of red wines that have aged substantially, the decantation period will be even longer. Exposure of wine to air is essential if you want their taste to become optimum. At times, the aroma of the wine doesn’t come to the forefront because it hasn’t absorbed sufficient oxygen before you serve it.

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