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Don’t Let Your Wine Get Ruined

How Much Can You Drink In One Go?

Not everyone wants to finish off an entire bottle of wine at once. Most people like to have a couple of glasses. If you are drinking with someone, there is a good chance that one bottle will be finished in one sitting.

When you are alone
However, if you are drinking alone, the situation tends to get slightly complicated. You opened a new bottle and finished a couple of glasses, but more than three-quarters of the bottle remains. So, what are you going to do? Will you leave it out in the open? Will you put it into a decanter?

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A Smart Collector Doesn’t Take Chances

None of the options stated above are going to work out to give you the best results. A decanter can lead to the rapid oxidation of your wine. And if you don’t drink it in the next twenty-four hours, it will get ruined forever. Leaving the wine bottle in the open is the worst decision you can make. So, what is the best strategy?

Reseal it
If you want to preserve an opened bottle of wine, you can do so by resealing it with a cork. Yes, it can be a complicated task, but it is an effective way to take things forward. Some of you might not be able to do it. There is no need to worry. Using a wax paper to prevent the entry of air in the bottle can also serve your purpose equally well.

Tissues and paper towels
The use of tissue papers can also ensure that your wine remains viable for a few days. That should give you enough time to polish it off and enjoy yourself. Some people might advise you to opt for a rubber stopper, and it will be a decent temporary solution.

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