Pouring Red Wine from the Bottle into the Wine Glass

Contribution of Wine Towards Good Health

Wine is considered as a Celebration drink. It is a drink that bring happiness at a nice dinner table or relaxation after a long day at work bringing smiles on peoples faces. Consumption of wine in a moderate level is considered good for both the physical body and mental state of mind. In this article let us see the ways in which wine contributes to good health. Right from reduced rate of death to fighting cancer cells, a moderate consumption of red wine seems to be beneficial. 

Physical Health Benefits due Minimal Red Wine In-Take

  • A Healthy Heart

The alcohol content in the red wine acts as inherent blood thinner thus enabling free blood flow to the heart and its arteries. Consuming a glass of wine weekly thrice or four times reduces any risk to the heart in a very significant way. This in turn can reduce blood clotting or stroke. 

  • Retards the Process of Aging

Ingredients that helps with anti-aging are present naturally in Grapes, which stops any damage to the blood vessels or aging cells and repairs if there is any damage done. Red wine also helps reduce cholesterol level barring any chances of blood clotting.

Two Glass of Red Wine Placed on a drum with grapes

  • Antioxidant Rich

Prevention of any diseases such as cancer is vital for which the immunity level in the body is required to be good. Having a glass of antioxidants rich red wine at least five times a week, raises the immune system in the body increasing the span of life and helping live a healthy one. 

Red Wine – A Health Boost 

  • Increased pulmonary system

Wine, in general betters pulmonary function along with killing respiratory tract bacteria. Thus consuming both red as well as white wine aids increased lung functions. 

  • Stops Decaying of Tooth

The antibacterial ingredient in the wine has been used for treatment of wounds for ages. A minimal intake of red wine has the capability of killing bacteria and help maintain oral hygiene by preventing decay of tooth and clears sore throat. 

  • Fights against Diabetes

Functioning of pancreas and lower glucose level in blood eliminates the risk of having diabetes in life. This can be achieved by consuming a moderate amount of wine. 

The above mentioned health benefits are not misguides for teetotallers to start consuming bottles of wine, as anything consumed in excess takes negative reaction to the body and mind. Four to five glasses of wine a week is a moderate and safe level towards good health.

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