Vintage Wine Brokers

Interesting to note that manufactured diamonds are equally as sparkly as real Flawless/VVS1/VVS Diamonds and they can be purchased for 100th the cost. Why wouldn’t someone pay less for a manufactured diamond that is the real thing’s equal in every way? It’s a question of identity. Real Diamonds are for those consumers, wealthy or not, that refuse to own a fake, I am one of them. A fake Rolex, a fake 1968 Cobra kit, fake purses, fake jackets, fake furs, fake eye color.

There are thousands of nock off fakes out there and the diamond thing isn’t a new one and it certainly will not destroy De Beers just as the CZ diamond invention has not. It is alright with me that there are consumers that buy fake as long as they admit it when found out and not deny it. The danger in owning a fake anything is once you are known to buy knock-offs or fakes then people will naturally be suspicious of everything you own. Perhaps it says much about ones personality. What is fake but something masqueraded around as something else. This sounds like a good topic for a Doctoral Thesis.

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