How To Buy Wine Online?

No, that’s not a Rose’ unfortunately… I’ve been out of commission for the last week and a half with a nasty cold. I try not to drink while I’m sick, needless to say a depressing prospect for an avid wine drinker.

I wanted to dedicate this post to buying wine online. I’ve personally been shopping online since the early Nineties, when the Internet was basically AOL and local BBS’s. From the very beginning I was hooked! I could comparison shop, find the best prices and at any hour of the day. I’ve never been a fan of department stores or wading through crowds to find what I need. Occasionally I shop for wine online and have it either drop shipped to my local store (at no charge) or sent directly to my house. From the comfort of your computer chair or couch you can Google just about any wine, it’s reviews or visit the Wine Library for a video of a tasting. It really takes the bottle roulette out of picking an affordable, quality wine.

If you’re looking to buy wine online, where do you go though? I use Wine Legend, a chain here in NJ for most of my buying, but I frequently use Wine Searcher an excellent comparison shopping engine for just about any wine. Simply plug in the name and year of a wine and it brings up multiple results sorted by price. I get frequent sale emails from Wine Legend touting their low prices. If I see a wine I like, I’ll plug it in Wine Searcher, typically resulting in prices $3-$4 cheaper per bottle! Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle or shipping expense to shop this way, but it does give you good pricing perspective.Cheers

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